Editors' choice

In this section the Editors of Papers in Physics highlight articles that are of oustanding interest.


Volume 2 (2010)


  • Anisotropic finite-size scaling of an elastic string at the depinning threshold in a random-periodic medium (vol. 2, art. 020008). In this article the authors study the finite-size scaling properties of an elastic string driven in a disordered medium at the depinning transition. This model of an elastic object in a disordered medium can be used to describe diverse physical systems. The authors numerically observe that the average width and its probability distribution depend, in a universal way, on the parameter k that is encoded in the universal function G(k).Read the paper »


Volume 1 (2009)


  • Breaking the diffraction limit in optical patterning (vol. 1, art. 010008). In this article the authors describe a novel technique based on the initiation of a polymerization mediated by a fluorescent dye. They are able to build up structures with heights as small as tens of nanometers. Read the paper »

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