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Papers in Physics publishes original research in all areas of physics and its interface with other subjects. The scope includes, but is not limited to, physics of particles and fields, condensed matter, relativity and gravitation, nuclear physics, physics of fluids, biophysics, econophysics, chemical physics, statistical mechanics, soft condensed matter, materials science, mathematical physics and general physics. Contributions in the areas of foundations of physics, history of physics and physics education are not considered for publication.

Articles published in Papers in Physics contain substantial new results and ideas that advance the state of physics in a non-trivial way. Articles are strictly reviewed by specialists prior to publication. Papers in Physics highlights outstanding articles published in the journal through the Editors' choice section.

Papers in Physics offers two distinct editorial treatments to articles from which authors can choose. In Traditional Review, manuscripts are submitted to anonymous reviewers seeking constructive criticism and editors make a decision on whether publication is appropriate. In Open Review, manuscripts are sent to reviewers. If the paper is considered original and technically sound, the article, the reviewer's comments and the author's reply are published alongside the names of all involved. This way, Papers in Physics promotes the open discussion of controversies among specialists that are of help to the reader and to the transparency of the editorial process. Moreover, our reviewers receive their due recognition by publishing a recorded citable report. Papers in Physics publishes Commentaries from the reviewer(s) if major disagreements remain after exchange with the authors or if a different insight proposed is considered valuable for the readers.

Papers in Physics has a copyleft policy. A general non-exclusive license is given to use, reproduce, and create derivative work with any purpose under the only restriction that the original must be cited. This corresponds to Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Published articles are made available free of charge to all readers. Moreover, a copy of the final published version of the paper is stored by the editors in the arXiv database.

Authors are expected to contribute with a low publication charge to cover the costs of producing Papers in Physics. The 2017 publication charge is set to USD 100 per article (up to 4 pages in final form) plus USD 15 per extra page.

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Papers in Physics has appointed a new Editor

Jean-Christophe Géminard (CNRS / Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France) has been appointed as a new Editor to join Sergio Cannas, Santiago Grigera and Luis Pugnaloni in running Papers in Physics. Jean-Christophe has been part of the Editorial Board of the journal since 2009 and has a strong track record in the physics of complex fluids, biological systems, granular matter, nonlinear dynamics and statistical mechanics.  
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Sergio Dain (1970-2016)

Sergio Dain passed away in February 2016, at the early age of 46. He was a full proffesor at the National University of  Córdoba (Argentina) and worked for several  years at the Max-Planck Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Albert Einstein Institut (AEI). Sergio was an impressive young scientist. His natural kindness, as well as his enthusiasm, passion and commitment towards any knowledge related activity made him unforgettable for anyone fortunate to met him. Sergio was among the first to join the Editorial Board of Papers in Physics and always contributed to our endeavour generously and enthusiastically.  
Posted: 2016-05-30
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Vol 9 (2017)

Table of Contents


Influence of bottleneck lengths and position on simulated pedestrian egress PDF REFERENCES COMMENTARY
Daniel R. Parisi, Germán A. Patterson 090001
An alternative derivation of the Dirac operator generating intrinsic Lagrangian local gauge invariance PDF REFERENCES
Brian Jonathan Wolk 090002
Self-sustained oscillations with delayed velocity feedback PDF REFERENCES COMMENTARY
Damián H. Zanette 090003
Observation of the two-way shape memory effect in an atomistic model of martensitic transformation PDF REFERENCES COMMENTARY
Eduardo Jagla 090004
An efficient impurity-solver for the dynamical mean field theory algorithm PDF REFERENCES COMMENTARY
Karen Hallberg, Yuriel Núñez Fernández 090005
Photoionization of water molecules by high energy photons PDF REFERENCES
Lara Martini, Diego Boll, Omar Fojón 090006

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