Publishing reports

If you have reviewed a manuscript for Papers in Physics under Open Review, and the manuscript has been accepted for publication, you may be invited by the Editors to write your report as a Commentary in a format that can be published in the journal. Please consider these guidelines while writing your Commentary.

  1. Use the LaTeX class file and template provided (see Author guidelines)
  2. Use an original title or either the standard Commentary on "Title of the manuscript reviewed" by Author Name
  3. Provide a very short abstract indicating the main points that will be discussed. For example: The paper entitle "..." by ... suggest that ... In this Commentary I make a remark on the ... of the claims of these authors and suggest a different approach to the problem.
  4. Provide an introduction to briefly describe the article commented.
  5. Write a section for each main point you want to make.
  6. Do not miss out any major point that has not being agreed upon with the author or that he author did not address properly in the article..
  7. You should not bring forward major points that have been clarified/corrected by the authors in the manuscript during the revision process.
  8. Avoid referring to minor points such as use of English, stylistic preferences, etc.
  9. Complete the Commentary with a "Final remarks" section to summarize.
  10. Use references as in regular manuscripts. Cite the article commented.