Focus Series on High Pressure Semi & Superconductor Physics

The popular use of hydrostatic pressure in material science is partly due to the fact that high pressure techniques offer the possibility to vary interatomic and intermolecular distances in a controlled way, having large impact on the structural and consequently the electronic, optical, vibrational, magnetic properties, etc. The development of the gasketed diamond anvil cell (DAC) into a powerful tool for different kinds of measurements at hydrostatic pressures in the range from 0.1 to 300 GPa has opened new possibilities for studying the physics and chemistry of materials under extreme conditions. This Focus Series will convene novel experimental as well as theoretical work in research areas dealing with the application of high pressure and other forms of uniform stress to study the behavior of both semiconductors and superconductors as well as related nanostructures.



Reception of submissions for this focus series of Papers in Physics edited by Andrés Cantarero, Alejandro R. Goñi and J. Sebastián Reparaz is closed.

If you wish to submit a manuscript for inclusion in this focus series, you can follow the standard process for regular articles and indicate you would like the paper to be considered for the "Focus series on High Pressure Semiconductor and Superconductor Physics".

All manuscripts for this focus series are peer reviewed (either under Traditional or Open Review, according to the author request). Accepted papers will be published open access as regular articles in Papers in Physics as soon as they are ready and also highlighted in this web page with special remarks from the guest editors.