Publishing replies

If your manuscript has been accepted for publication in Papers in Physics under Open Review, and a reviewer has accepted to publish a Commentary, you may be invited by the Editors to provide a Reply in a form that can be published in the journal. Please consider these guidelines when writing your Reply.

  1. Use the provided LaTeX class file and template (see Author guidelines).
  2. Provide the normalized title: Reply to "Title of the commentary" by Reviewer Name
  3. Introduce a brief abstract indicating the main points raised. For example: The reviewer of our article entitled "Title of the manuscript" argues that ... In this Reply we point out to some issues that should be considered under the experimental conditions necessary for our study.
  4. Use a very short introduction to state the main criticisms you will defend from.
  5. Use a section for each main point to discuss.
  6. Summarize in a section entitled "Final remarks"
  7. Introduce references as in regular articles. Cite your article and the reviewer's Commentary.