Focus Series on Low-cost Experiments in Physics...

...using recent technologies as sensors or open source hardware

Since a short while ago, smartphones present an increasing number of built-in sensors. Several physics experiments have been empowered using these technologies. As the original intention of sensor manufacturers was not to use these sensors in physics experiments, a certain effort is needed to transform smartphones into physics instruments. However, the reward for doing this effort is considerable. Indeed, smartphones present several advantages as decreasing price and increasing capabilities and availability among young people. This Focus Series will convene novel experiments, or improved versions of classical experiments, using recent technologies as built-in sensors or open source hardware (like Arduino boards).

Important note: As Physics education research is out of the scope of Papers in Physics, the manuscripts submitted to this focus issue should be centered in the experiments and not in teaching and/or learning aspects related to them.



Reception of submissions for this focus series of Papers in Physics edited by Arturo Martí and Martín Monteiro is now closed.