Focus Series on Discrete Flow through Bottlenecks

 Systems presenting transport of particles through constrictions display common phenomena such as jamming, clogging, intermittence, arching, density waves, fluctuations, rare events, etc. These systems, where particles strongly interact with boundaries, can be found in nature at several scales ranging from low-dimensional electronic systems (quantum wires), nano-channels (e.g. at the cell membrane), colloids, granular matter, active matter, crowds and vehicular traffic. A proper characterization and modeling of these phenomena is still due. Understanding in this area may lead to significant advances across many disciplines such as medicine, pharmaceutics, mineral processing, civil engineering and construction, food processing, pedestrian and vehicular traffic and crowd safety, among others.

This Focus Series on "Discrete Flow through Bottlenecks” will bring together cutting edge contributions on different systems presenting transport of particles through constrictions, with the goal of contributing to a unified quantitative description and advancement of models that may shape our vision for the next decade.



Reception of submissions for this focus series of Papers in Physics edited by Daniel Parisi and Luis Pugnaloni is closed.