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Revisiting the two-mass model of the vocal folds

María Florencia Assaneo, Marcos A. Trevisan


Realistic mathematical modeling of voice production has been recently boosted by applications to different fields like bioprosthetics, quality speech synthesis and pathological diagnosis. In this work, we revisit a two-mass model of the vocal folds that includes accurate fluid mechanics for the air passage through the folds and nonlinear properties of the tissue. We present the bifurcation diagram for such a system, focusing on the dynamical properties of two regimes of interest: the onset of oscillations and the normal phonation regime. We also show theoretical support to the nonlinear nature of the elastic properties of the folds tissue by comparing theoretical isofrequency curves with reported experimental data.


Received: 2 March 2013,  Accepted: 5 June 2013; Edited by: G. Mindlin; DOI:

Cite as: M F Assaneo, M A Trevisan, Papers in Physics 5, 050004 (2013)



nonlinear dynamics; voice production; isofrequency curves


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