Vol 5 (2013)

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LT^2C^2 : A language of thought with Turing-computable Kolmogorov complexity PDF REFERENCES
Sergio Romano, Mariano Sigman, Santiago Figueira 050001
A mathematically assisted reconstruction of the initial focus of the yellow fever outbreak in Buenos Aires (1871) PDF REFERENCES
M. L. Fernández, M. Otero, N. Schweigmann, H. G. Solari 050002
Invited review: Epidemics on social networks PDF REFERENCES
Marcelo N. Kuperman 050003
Revisiting the two-mass model of the vocal folds PDF REFERENCES
María Florencia Assaneo, Marcos A. Trevisan 050004
Enhancement of photoacoustic detection of inhomogeneities in polymers PDF REFERENCES COMMENTARY
P. Grondona, H. O. Di Rocco, D. I. Iriarte, J. A. Pomarico, Héctor F. Ranea-Sandoval, G. M. Bilmes 050005
A neuronal device for the control of multi-step computations PDF REFERENCES SUPPLEMENTARY
Ariel D Zylberberg, Luciano Paz, Pieter R Roelfsema, Stanislas Dehaene, Mariano Sigman 050006
Invited review: Graphite and its hidden superconductivity PDF REFERENCES COMMENTARY REPLY
Pablo Esquinazi 050007
Invited review: KPZ. Recent developments via a variational formulation PDF REFERENCES COMMENTARY
Horacio S. Wio, Roberto R. Deza, Carlos Escudero, Jorge A. Revelli 050010


Commentary on "Graphite and its hidden superconductivity" PDF REFERENCES REPLAY
E. M. Forgan 050008
Reply to the Commentary on "Graphite and its hidden superconductivity" PDF REFERENCES
P. Esquinazi 050009

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