Papers in Physics has appointed a new Editor

Jean-Christophe Géminard (CNRS / Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France) has been appointed as a new Editor to join Sergio Cannas, Santiago Grigera and Luis Pugnaloni in running Papers in Physics. Jean-Christophe has been part of the Editorial Board of the journal since 2009 and has a strong track record in the physics of complex fluids, biological systems, granular matter, nonlinear dynamics and statistical mechanics.  
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Sergio Dain (1970-2016)

Sergio Dain passed away in February 2016, at the early age of 46. He was a full proffesor at the National University of  Córdoba (Argentina) and worked for several  years at the Max-Planck Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Albert Einstein Institut (AEI). Sergio was an impressive young scientist. His natural kindness, as well as his enthusiasm, passion and commitment towards any knowledge related activity made him unforgettable for anyone fortunate to met him. Sergio was among the first to join the Editorial Board of Papers in Physics and always contributed to our endeavour generously and enthusiastically.  
Posted: 2016-05-30

Papers in Physics has been awarded the DOAJ Seal

The Directory of Open Access Journals has granted Papers in Physics a distinction Seal. The Seal has been allocated to a handful of journals accepted into DOAJ since 2014. Journals that are awarded the Seal have answered ‘Yes’ to 7 questions that DOAJ has chosen specifically as indicators of an extra high and clear commitment to open access best practices, of extra high levels of commitment to publishing technologies, and the most ‘open’ form of open access.  
Posted: 2015-11-16

Leo Kadanoff (1937-2015)

Leo P. Kadanoff passed away on October 26, 2015. In addition to his ground-breaking contributions to statistical physics, recognized by numerous awards such as the National Medal of Science (US),
the Grande Medaille d'Or of the Académie des Sciences de l'Institut de France, the Wolf Foundation Prize, the Boltzmann Medal of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, and the Centennial Medal of Harvard University, he was an active member of the physics community, having served as president of the American Physical Society.

Leo was one of the pioneering Advisory Editors of Papers in Physics and enthusiastically contributed to the journal, both as editor and author.
Posted: 2015-10-27
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